Great Family Dining In And Around Forest, Virginia

Virginia is known for its great natural beauty and historical attractions. It remains on the most popular states in America for both domestic and international tourists. However, Virginia is also rapidly establishing itself as a destination for those who want to explore the rapidly developing culinary offerings of the area. Although Forest only boasts a population of around 10,500 people it is beginning to attract more notice is a base for an exploration of its own restaurants and the dining options that are within easy reach of the town.

If you are in the area here are some great choices to get you started on your journey of discovery in this part of Virginia.

1. The Texas Inn.

If there are two foods that continually vie for top spot in the culinary hearts of North America they are hot dogs and Hamburgers (pizza gets a look in – but let’s focus on bun based offerings). At the unassuming Texas Inn patrons are offered the opportunity to sample both burgers and dogs – and some exceptional sandwich’s as well as some great chili. This venue which has been around since 1935 (in Lynchburg), is only a hop, skip and jump from Forest. Fantastic value (44,50 for a bacon cheeseburger and a large cheese fries at $3.99 as an example) make this the perfect place for the family to enjoy exceptional value. It’s not fancy – but the food is great.

2. Graziano’s.

This time we’ll take a look at that other family favorite – pizza – and if there is one place in Forest that does pizza right it’s Graziano’s. This dining venue serves a great pizza and adds to that attractions such as the star ‘Philly Cheese Steak’ and an assortment of magnificent subs. Enormous portions mean that there is always something to take home and enjoy later. Fabulous service and friendly staff.

3. Taqueria La Tradicional.

For a taste of authentic Mexican inspired cuisine, a visit to Taqueria La Tradicional will never disappoint. The tacos are spectacular and the free toppings and condiments bar adds a world of flavor options to the already impressive menu lineup. The salsa options are particularly impressive. Burritos and all those family favorites are available – and all are great. You simply will not find better value than this in Forest and the surrounding area. Perfect for family meals.

In you in the Forest neighborhood with the family take some time off and enjoy wonderful tastes and excellent value for money at these and other great dining establishments. It’s time off that you will not regret.